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BYA 08 l The Lizzies - Kick Your Ass (incl. Vanilla Ace Remix)

The Lizzies are Tauba and Louise, two friends from Brussels, Belgium who simply love music, club culture, fashion and design. So it feels natural that they take part in and organise fashion shows with designers, photographers, models and. For the live act the girls are supported by Antoine DkA on stage, their producer. And their fame is spreading throughout the country and beyond... "Kick Your Ass" is their first official release ever. It sounds fresh and old school at the same time, inhaling the roots of electronic music from the 80s and 90s: Chicago meets Brussels and the charismatic vocals of The Lizzies! The second track "If You" gets also a remix treatment 
by the mysterious London based Vanilla Ace. The shooting star of the last two years has released on such prestigious labels as Toolroom, OFF, LouLou and Bunny Tiger and others and gets support from The Magician, Soul Clap, Jesse Rose and Seth Troxler, to name a few. 

release: 08.12.2014

BYA 07 l Saccao, Pao - Funky Lady (Rey & Kjavik Remix)

Saccao aka Konstantinos Sakkas is known for his releases on top notch labels like Toolroom, Armada Music, Pacha, Great Stuff, KMS, LouLou Records,  Bunny Tiger and many more. "Funky Lady" is his first release on BY awake and again a superb Saccao smash that will hit the dancefloors! The up and coming Rey & Kjavik (Katermukke, Compost Black Label) took over the remix job with their unmistakable dark-house style. This time more funky than usual but again with their unique lyrics and vocals to give the "funky lady" what she needs...

release: 11.11.2014

BYA 06 l Matchy & Bott - No One Like U

Matchy & Bott belong to a newly emerging scene of Young artists crowding into the steadily growing Nu-Disco /Deep House Scene. The two guys from Mainz already released on Labels such as KATERMUKKE, Suara ,Tiefblau Records or Love Matters and gained popularity across the world and support by well-known artists in the Scene such as Dirty Doering, Teenage Mutants or Lars Moston. Similar to their own productions their sets can be described as a slick combination of Nu-Disco and Deep-House with heavy basslines, vocals and catchy melodies, meant to move to crowd. "No One Like You" is the first EP for Frankfurt´s BY awake label... you better watch out!

release: 11.08.2014

BYA 05 l Less Hate - Gettin' Scary

Best known as Nihil Young, Mattia Marotta secretly creates his side project Less Hate in late 2012, releasing on BY awake, Groove On Records,  Get Physical's Kindisch, as well as the classic New York’s King Street Sounds label, delivering just a good handful of tunes which immediately got support from the likes of Sasha, M.A.N.D.Y., Hot Since 82, NTFO, Kolombo, Animal Trainer and many others. 

"Geetin' Scary" is his debut single on BY awake!

release: 05.05.2014

BYA 04 l Rey & Kjavik - Donīt Be Afraid

Rey & Kjavik are more than an insider's tipp after releases on labels like Compost Black Label, Exploited or KaterMukke. With "Don't Be Afraid”, they come up with the first single release on "BY awake": a deep, 80s-inspired vocal track with a haunting bassline and a break you won´t forget - in other words: anthem! El_Txef_A has remixed this track for the dancefloor in his own and unique style and for the living room as an "Acoustic Touch" that simply shows how great this song is. Ask for sugar on top: The EP features also a collaboration with Italian producer Less Hate that combines the best of both worlds - monster tune!

release: 20.10.2013

BYA 03 l Agraba - Z20XX

After his debut on our very first BY awake Release (Do it again - BY awake Sampler 1 – Various Artist) we are proud to release now his first Agraba single on BY awake. Agraba has also released tracks on Culprit, Akbal Music, My Favourite Robot Records, Highway Records, Twisted Frequency Records, KDB Records to just name a few. „Z20XX“ is a deep grooving track with a haunting hookline and features remixes by Less Hate (Kindisch, King Street) and upcoming Russian producer Monkey Fish. 

release: 30.09.2013

BYA 02 l Seelenfarbe - Rely On

The second EP is coming from Seelenfarbe - a new artist concept from Frankfurt. The heads behind the scene (Michael Kohlbecker and Cara Mel) create a warm, passion rousing debut ep, spiked with some swinging percussions, smooth vocal loops, a grooving breeze of melodic keys, all mixed up to a sunny finish. We are proud to present the first footsteps of this nice project BY awake. 

release: 16.09.2013

BYA 01 l BY awake Sampler 1 - Various Artists

BY awake´s first release is a top notch EP with four tracks from the awake family members Rey & Kjavik (Exploited, Compost Black Label), Agraba (Culprit), Less Hate (Kindisch) and Valentina Black (King Street).

release: 06.05.2013