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BYA 04 l Rey & Kjavik - Donīt Be Afraid
BYA 04 l Rey & Kjavik - Donīt Be Afraid

Rey & Kjavik are more than an insider's tipp after releases and remixes on labels like Compost Black Label, Exploited, Island Records, King Street & Kindisch. With "Don't Be Afraid”, they come up with the first single release on their own label "BY awake": a deep, 80s-inspired vocal track with a haunting bassline and a break you won´t forget - in other words: anthem! El_Txef_A has remixed this track for the dancefloor in his own and unique style and for the living room as an "Acoustic Touch" that simply shows how great this song is.

Ask for sugar on top: The EP features also a collaboration with Italian producer Less Hate (Kindisch, Frequenza) that combines the best of both worlds - monster tune!


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