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BY awake - Label start interview
BY awake - Label start interview

The Ibiza DUB Magazine did a interview with labelhead Alex Schomann. 

Check it on Ibiza DUB Magazine or here:


For introduction, please tell us a little bit about you and your Agency awake.

awake started as an idea of two friends ( Matthias Grein & Me / Alex Schomann) which reflects over 30 years of experience in the music, booking and event scene. We and especially my Partner Matthias are part of the german electronic music scene since the very beginning as club managers, event promoters, bookers, pr & marketing managers, producers and djs. 

awake is a very familiar agency and works only with upcoming artists we believe in! Right now we are responsible for the worldwide bookings of Aquarius Heaven (Circus Company), Rey & Kjavik (Exploited, Compost Black Label), Habischman (Noir, Defected), Agraba (Culprit), Simina Grigoriu (susumu rec.), Moonwalk (Diynamic, Mexa), Less Hate (Kindisch) and Valentina Black (King Street).

Why did you start a own label?

To start a own label was the plan from the very beginning. We searched the scene for three years now to build up a roster as we had imagined. The result is a pool of great, young, fresh and hungry artists from all over the world. After this long time of searching, we really look forward to represent the BY awake labelsound to everyone!


Please tell us more about the upcomming releases.

What can we expect in the future and what is your sound?

We will start with a various artists sampler and tracks from Rey & Kjavik, Less Hate, Agraba and Valentina Black. The second Release will be a artist ep by Rey & Kjavik including a remix from our friend El_Txef_A. The third ep is done by Less Hate and comes a long with a bunch of good remixes. We plan to release once a month a artist-ep or a 4 track various artists sampler. Right now, all of our Artists are in the studio and producing a lot of good music. The BY awake Sound is very open, but for sure electronic music will always be our home.


What is different to other labels?

You have a lot of brilliant labels out there, for many people we will be just another one. 

We simply want to make life better with, then without us. 


Everybody talks about the deep house hype.

What is your opinion on that? And what is the next thing for you?

There is a hype and we love it. Deep-House has changed and opend so many doors to different kinds of music, which you can transfer to electronic music and it´s still called "Deep-House". Just awesome! As you could see in ibiza last summer, the market changed and i think it will grow again this year. If we can stop all that hardcore-sample-ripp-off business and turn into own ideas again, this genre can be on the top for a long time. It has the power to open the electronic music to everyone, because it´s melodic, warm, has vocals, sometimes real song structures and make you feel happy! Let´s see what happend. And about the next big thing:

I hope the next big thing will be being yourself!


We heard about your festival and would like to know more?

The festival called awake summer break and takes place in a wonderful swimmingpool-area in Frankfurt/Germany. The Location looks like a big park, with a lot of old trees, pools and buildings. In the past years we had guests like Art Department, Maya Jane Coles, Ame, Jamie xx, Henrik Schwarz, Paul Kalkbrenner or Tiefschwarz, to just name a few. And of course all our awake-artists will be there too. 


What motivates you to work in this music scene?

I realy don´t need any motivation! It´s simply my life and i enjoy every day working with great people on such nice projects like the awake Agency!