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BY awake - our new label
BY awake - our new label

BY awake is the brand new Label of the awake agency based in Frankfurt/Germany. BY awake´s first release is a top notch EP with four tracks from the awake family members Rey & Kjavik (Exploited, Compost Black Label), Agraba (Culprit), Less Hate (Kindisch) and Valentina Black (King Street). Watch out for more tracks and EPs on BY awake from awake family members like Rey & Kjavik (Exploited / Compost Black Label), Moonwalk (Diynamic, Mexa), Agraba (Culprit), Less Hate (Kindisch), Habischman (Noir Music) and many more. Listen to the music world of the awake family! 


A1. Rey & Kjavik (Exploited / Compost Black Label) comes along with a massive bomb. „So What“ has this deep basslines and vocals wich draw you irresistably into their musical story.


A2. Less Hate (Frequenza, Kindisch) has a great output right now and „My Thang“ is more then just a follow-up of his last releases!


B1. Agraba (Culprit, LA) has his own style, very charismatic and energetic, individual, full of experiments and constant surprises. „Do It Again“ is one of those nice works from the young russian.


B2. Valentina Black (King Street) is a singer, songwriter, composer, hammond player and pianist. „Kali's Birthday“ is a deep piece of her musical experience.



Official Video for Rey & Kjavik – So What:

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