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Simina Grigoriu debut Album
Simina Grigoriu debut Album


Simina Grigoriu debut Album - Exit City - out now!


Exit City - is the debut album by Romania-born Berlin-based artist Simina Grigoriu. The album is available with remixes on vinyl and CD to follow. 

“I’m creating my own platform for this occasion because I want to have more artistic autonomy for my first album,” explained Simina last month in Toronto - the Canadian city she was raised in.

In the last year alone, Simina steered her production career forward with singles on Berlin’s Sonat Records and Italy’s Intelectro Vibe and Frequenza Records, and she also completed an unprecedented number of gigs, as she saw her DJ career take off. She’s been in clubs, at festivals, and was chosen once again to open a select number of Paul Kalkbrenner’s concert tour shows. When not on tour, Simina could be found in the studio - working on her ambitious debut album “EXIT CITY.”

“My style is changing and it’s now bouncier,” she said. “I see improvements in my technique, and each time when I have a new experience and listen to my album again, I hear it through different ears.”

“A deep rolling bass line and a strong kick drum – Those are the things a track can’t live without,” she said. For “EXIT CITY” the tracks are more song-like and on two of her tracks, “Kokopelli” and “Wildfire,” the British artist MAMA brings her vocals into the fold.

 “Wildfire” is an authentic love ballad with a chunky layered sound that still allows the vocals to shine through.

“Honey Bear” emerges with a heavy bass line and tribal drums.  Then, an unexpected element comes in – an acoustic guitar with sentimental overtones and a slow melodic jazzy sound, played by Simina’s younger brother, Daniel.

“Rogueware” once again features melodic guitars and keys; only this time electrical, with a more raw and dark feeling. Meanwhile “Acid Wash” is another tribal-infused dark and trippy techno track.

Throughout the album, Simina sprinkled in the sounds of crowds cheering and dreamy dub-like drums and reggae inspired guitars. Take for example “Shapeshifter,” which chugs along at a slower pace and features the sounds of a person breathing heavily in the background before it returns to the sounds of a guitar being strummed.

As a fierce female presence in the techno music industry, Simina is now a bona fide production talent to watch. Her charismatic DJ style and hard work are awarding her credibility and much deserved attention, and “EXIT CITY” is sure to continue this trend, with additional acclaim on its way to her.

Look for Simina DJing in Europe and at select shows, in North America and Asia to support the release of “EXIT CITY.”